Active on holidays

Active on holidays



Plan your golf vacation with us. The clubs of the "golf region Murtal" and us as their partner hotel have tailor-made offers for your golf vacation. Our guests receive the "Murtal Greenfee" for the exclusive price of 48.-EUR in all four golf clubs in the region: Murau-Kreischberg Golf Course, Styrian Mountain Golf - Mariahof Golf Course, Lungau Golf Course and Murtal Golf Course.



Try out an exciting rafting tour on the river Mur. The offerincludes a skillful coach, full equipment (neoprene clothes, rafting shoes, waterproof jacket, helmet and life jacket), theoretical introduction, the review of the boat, transfer nice and hot shower at the end. What you need: towel, swimming suit and good mood

Adress: A- 8862 Stadl an der Mur, Steindorf 11

Tel.: : +43 3534/2237



At 2.000 Meters altitude, the Turracher Höhe`s latest attraction, the new alpine coaster offers you the thrill of waves and breath-taking parabolic curves, jumps and waves through old pine forests. Enjoy an incredible ride down on modern toboggans up to 12 meters above the ground. On 1.600 m, the rail runs through impressive mountain scenery, offering not only unique nature experience but also providing children and adults the ultimate adrenalin rush.


Tel.: +43 4 275 8252


Fishing in the Mur

Bodendorf dam: this part of the river Mur is sluggish and here we can fish on both riverbanks.  Length: 2 km from the border of the power plant to the ending sign.

St. Georgen Wehr: length between the power plant of St. Georgen and Bodendorf is 2,5 km.

Day tickets are available at the tourist office. We are happy to assist you with the organization. Please note that fishing in the Mur is without exception permitted only with a valid fishing permit.


Swimming centre in Murau: the 2.000 m2 big centre consists of a 25 m long sport swimming pool, a children´s pool with a slide, a massage room, saunas and a solarium.

Murau lake beach: there is a natural lake in Murau that is very popular among the locals in the summer season. It awaits its visitors with a diving board, a bathing isle and a slide.

Outdoor swimming pool in St. Georgen am Kreischberg: this heated swimming pool is situated in the heart of a green area overlooking the mountains. It is also surrounded by many free time activities for example a playground, a tennis court, a skate board park, and 6 trampolines.

Lake of Stadl an der Mur: thanks to it’s huge surface and pretty low depth during the summer it’s water become enough warm for bathing and swimming. Right next to the lake we find a playground, two hard courts, a big wooden theme park for children, volleyball fields and a small restaurant.

Horse riding

The Olachgut stable is located next to the road 97 between Murau and St. Georgen ob Murau. It gives the opportunity for young ones and old ones as well to learn horse riding. If the weather is bad, it is also possible to ride inside a riding hall. The young ones´ favourite is the pony riding where parents can freely walk the horses on a lead while the child is enjoying the ride.

Adress: A- 8861, St. Georgen am Kreischberg, Kaindorf-Nord 90.




St. Georgen am Kreischberg: there are four clay tennis courts in the free time centre.

Tel. +43 3537 360

Murau: If the weather is rainy, you might as well try out one of the three roofed courts or two squash courts in the Murau free time centre.

Tel.: +43 3532 2500

Erzberg - Mineral mountain

You can experience the greatest adventures in the "Ore hill". Discover the huge landscaping steps from the Hauly (American) jib's platform. The next stop of the excursion is underground, below the maze of the Ore Mountains. Knowing the ore production is presented during a guided tour. Audioguides are also available on the tour. During a few days of the season, it is possible to even see a live explosion.

Tel.: +43 3848 3200

Adress: A- 8790 Eisenerz, Erzberg 1.


Wild life park in the alps

Discover this tourist destination offering 4 different attractions at one site. In the child-friendly animal park visitors may take an eventful hike among 20 different species of animals like deer, wild boars and many others. Children may use the children`s playground and the petting zoo. Besides, there are two exhibitions, the Grizzly World Exhibition on 400 m2 with stuffed species of the Canadian wilderness and an Experience Africa Exhibition on 500 m2 area. In the Fishmuseum they show numerous preparations of fish species from local lakes and rivers.  

Adress: A- 9544 Schattseite, Bernliegerweg 5

Tel.: +43 4246 2776


Salzwelten, Hallstatt

Das ältestes Salzbergwerk der Welt, die älteste Holzstiege Europas und der freischwebende Skywalk mit „Welterbeblick“, 360 Meter über der Erde. Gehen Sie mit auf Entdeckungsreise, zurück zu den Anfängen des Salzabbaues vor 7.000 Jahren, und erleben Sie die Geschichte des bronzezeitlichen Bergbaus, die heute dank modernster Multimediatechnik –wie beispielsweise einem Bronzezeit-Kino 400 Meter unter Tage –spannend erzählt wird.

Tel.: +43 6132 2002 400

Adresse: A- 4830 Hallstatt, Salzbergstraße 21


Schaubergwerk Museum, Oberzeiring

Einst eines der bedeutendsten Silberbergwerke der Ostalpen und heute ein beliebtes Schaubergwerk. Vorbei an Steigbäumen und Feuerstellen durchwandert man in Stollen aus dem Mittelalter in einer Stunde den geheimnisvollen Berg. Thematisch steht der frühmittelalterliche Bergbau in Zeiring im Zentrum des Museums, was zudem mit einem einzigartigen Museumsgütesiegel ausgestattet wurde.

Tel.: +43 664 751 25131

Adresse: A- 8762 Oberzeiring, Marktplatz 3


Gerlitzen: Kanzelbahn und Osiacher See

Der Ossiacher See hat das gewisse Alles: verträumte Rückzugsmöglichkeiten, stimmungsvolle naturbelassene Ufer, traumhafte Bergkulissen, unbeschwerte Sonnenuntergänge sowie beste Wasserqualität. Am See locken sämtliche Wassersportarten, die Berge sind zum Greifen nah. Die Gerlitzen Alpe, die sich am Nordufer des Ossiacher Sees erhebt, zählt zu den schönsten Flugbergen Österreichs.

Tel.: +43 4248 2722

Adresse: A- 9520 Annenheim, Kanzelplatz 2



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