Natural landmarks

Natural landmarks

Günster Waterfall, Schöder

The Günster waterfall is one of the most beautiful places in the entire Lower Tauern. With a drop of 65 meters, the waterfall is the highest in Styria. Since 1906, the waterfall has been accessed via steps and stairs. Ferns, Geissbart & Co testify to constantly moist air. On both sides of the waterfall dark, mystical spruce forests close in.

Adress: A- Schöder 8844, Schröderbach

Tel.: +43 3535 8606



Etrach Lake, Krakau

This lake is located in the heart of the Krakau valley. There are several tarns in the region (Shatten lake, Preber lake), but of all the Etrach lake is the most beautiful. We can breathe the freshest air in Austria, not surprisingly there are lots of possibilities for activities: swimming, nordic walking, riding the bike, fishing or enjoying the lake on a boat.

Adress: A- 8854 Krakau, Krakauhintermühlen 18



Turracher lake

This tarn is located between hilltops on the border of Styria and Karinthia. The Turracher Mountains show a spectacular, untouched landscape where throughout the year many sport activities and facilities are given. For elderly and young people, for sport lovers and for calm this place is equally ideal.

Adress: A- 9565 Turracher– Höhe



Koppenbrüller cave, Hallstatt

In a travel guide of the last century, the Koppenbrüller Cave was described as a "famous show cave." Since there was no regular tour, it is likely that locals took interested travelers through the cave, and the famous Dachstein explorer Friedrich Simony visited the lower parts of the cave several times. Today, the cave is covered with solid stone and the participants of the cave trekking tours are equipped with modern equipment. Also worth a visit are the town of Hallstatt and the Lake Hallstatt, both are part of the World Heritage.

Opening hours: 15th June to 29th September 2019, 9:00 - 16:00

Adress: A- 4830 Hallstatt, Salzbergstraße 21

Tel.: +43 50 140



Salt mine, Altaussee

Altaussee is the biggest, still operating salt mine in Austria. Visitors are led past the “Chamber of Inner Light” and the “Chapel of St Barbara” before sliding down into the heart of the mountain on two miners’ slides: directly to the subterranean salt lake, which with its unique musical and visual presentation is an unforgettable experience for the entire family. During the Second World War works of art of inestimable worth were stored in these tunnels – including works by Michelangelo, Dürer, Rubens and Vermeer. An award-winning multimedia show impressively documents the courage and engagement of the miners who rescued these treasures in April 1945.

Opening hours: nearly all year trough, check website for more details

Adress: A- 8992 Altaussee, Lichtersberg 25.



Ice palace Dachtein

Dachstein is a unique tourist-attraction which stands under the protection of the World Heritage. Inside the cave we find precisely elaborate ice statues which are not always fleeting creations, because inside the cave there is always -0,2 Celsius degrees. Warm clothes and strong shoes are recommended. From the lower station we get all the way up to the 2.700 Meters high by a cable car from where we can reach not only the cave but the so called Skywalk. On the Skywalk people feel like they are walking in the sky, because only a steel framework holds over the 250 meter depth .

Opening hours: all year round, 08:30 to 16:30

Tel.: +43 50 140

Adress: A- 4831 Obertraun, Winkl 75.



World of ice giants, Werfen

The world’s biggest ice cave is located at a height of 1.641 Meters inside the Tannen Mountain. It’s longer than 47 km and there are still undiscovered passages and halls. This unique cave-system gives us a unforgettable experience. Usually, visitors take a guided 2 km long tour with 134 Meter level difference in the most spectacular parts of cave system. Attractions: Ice Palace, Ice Queen. The temperature in the cave is around 0 Celsius degrees. Warm clothes and strong shoes are recommended.

Opening hours: May to October, every day 08:00 to 15:00

Tel.: +43 6468 5248

Adress: A- 5450 Werfen, Eishohlenstrasse 30



Krimmler Waterfalls

The Krimml waterfalls with their 380 meters depth are Europe’s biggest waterfalls and the 5th biggest on the world’s rank list. As the 3 waterfalls are located at 1.687 Meters, in winter the water spray creates a thick shining ice shield on the rocks and plants nearby. Enjoy the refreshing mizzle and the impressive power of the water among the gorgeous scenery of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Adress: A- 5743 Warnsdorf/Krimml, Krimml 47.

Tel.: +43 6564 7212




Green lake

With the onset of snowmelt on the mountains, it fills with crystal clear spring water. The height of the water level is dependent on snowy or snowy winters and rainfall. By autumn, the water level is slowly back. In winter, the water of the lake disappears almost completely. This cycle can only take place annually because in Styria nature and the environment are still in order. Here, the flora and fauna are still able to regenerate and recover.

Opening hours: all year round

Adress: A-8612 Tragöß, Oberort 88



Liechtenstein gorge

The thunderous waterfalls and the torrential masses of water have been cutting deeper and deeper into the mountain for thousands of years, creating a ravine. The rocks are in places so narrow and high that the sky is only recognizable as a small strip. As early as 1875, this alpine spectacle of nature fascinated the people so much that the gorge, through a donation from Prince Liechtenstein, was made accessible to the general public with bridges and footbridges as a summer destination.

Opening hours: May to Septemberdaily 08:00-18:00, in October 09:00-16:00

Adress: A-5600 St. Johann im Pongau, Liechtensteinklammstraße 123



Bärenschütz gorge

The Bärenschütz gorge, one of the most beautiful water-leading rock gorge in Austria, was declared a natural monument in 1978 because of its unique natural treasures. A walk between untamed waterfalls and rugged rocks is an impressive experience for any hiker. The unspeakable strength of nature, the constant water falling and forming the stone, becomes apparent here.

Opening hours: May to October, daily 07:30 to 16:00

Adress: A- 8131 Mixnitz, Bärenschutz 40


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